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June 2019

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 RP Systems

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PostSubject: RP Systems   RP Systems EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 7:34 pm

Probably one of the most essential parts in any Pokemon roleplay are battles. The way battles are done here is by leaving them open-ended. You don't say if the attack hits or misses, that is up to your opponent. Similarly, they cannot say if their attack hits or misses, that is up for you to decide. Because of this open-endedness, there is ample chance to godmod, and that is not okay. In order for your Pokemon to dodge a move, you must fully explain how the Pokemon managed to do so, you can't simply say it did. Also, a staff member has every right to auto faint or hit a Pokemon if godmodding occurs.

Example of a good RP battle:

In this site, the amount of experience you gain is level of the Pokemon you defeated. So if you defeat a level 4 Bidoof, your Pokemon will gain 4 Exp. If you use multiple Pokemon to defeat an opponent, the amount of Exp. will be divided evenly among them. If it cannot be divided evenly, then the lowest level Pokemon gains the highest number of Exp. Also, keep in mind that you will not earn any Exp. if you catch a Pokemon, even if you battled it to near fainting. To level up, a Pokemon must earn Exp. equal to their level. This means a level 3 Pokemon will need 3 Exp., a level 46 will need 46, ect.

Training Topics
A training topic is a fancy way of saying a long post meant to gather Exp for you Pokemon. It replaces a wild battle as a way of earning Exp, and works a bit differently. Also, just because it has 'topic' in it, you don't have to create a new topic to do one. In a training topic, 10 words equal to 1 Exp, however, any redundant thing that doesn't have to do with the Pokemon being trained, such as dialogue, will be removed from the total word count. The Pokemon involved in the training are the only ones that will gain Exp from the topic.

If you didn't get all of that, just remember that 10 words=1 Exp, and only the Pokemon involved in training can recieve the Exp.

Happiness is crucial for certain evolutions and moves, so it is important to implement it somehow. On Pokemon Darkness, it's a fairly simple process. When you first create a trainer, no matter how close they are to their trainer before you start RPing, the amount of happiness will always be at zero. Once you begin your adventure, you will gain 5 points toward happiness of your Pokemon at that time when you complete one page of posts. You will also gain 10 points toward it when you win a battle, however you will lose 20 if you lose. You will also gain 10 points toward it when you start a new topic. Once you Pokemon gains 100 points of happiness (It seems like a lot, but it truly isn't), then your Pokemon is considered at max happiness. Keep in mind that the total will not go above 100, so if you lose a battle, your Pokemon will no longer be at max happiness.

Breeding is the main hobby of the, you guessed it, Breeders. Trying to come up with a workable breeding system is a bit difficult, and the one on Pokemon Darkness doesn't involve the daycare, like it does in the games. Instead, all you need to do is leave two comparable Pokemon in a secluded environment that would be comfortable for the species to breed. For example, if you wanted to breed a Ditto and a Pidgey, you would leave them in a nest within a concealing tree. You must also leave your Pokemon to do their business and not hang around, otherwise, they will be too embarrassed to make eggs with. In order for one egg to be produced, you will have to go through one page of posts. If you're close to ending a page when you leave the Pokemon together, you will have to wait until the next page is finished. If you manage 4 pages while letting the Pokemon about their buisness, then you have 4 eggs to get when you go back to get them. For more information about eggs and the breeding results, please read the next blurb of information.

Eggs are the miracle of Pokemon life, but like any of life's great joys, they need a bit of time to develop and grow. In Pokemon Trinity, the only way to obtain an egg is to breed your own Pokemon, or buy an egg made by a breeder. There are also the occasional event eggs as well as ones that could be obtained through an RP storyline, but in general, this is the most common way. Unlike the games, an egg has a 50/50 chance of hatching into one of the parents. Also, the higher the happiness of the parents, the more likely it is that they pass on an inheritable egg move. Once you obtain an egg, it will take 3 pages of posts to hatch. There are means of making the wait time shorter, such as a Portable Incubator bought with Poke Points or the Flame Body ability.

This rule is in place to ensure that more detailed RPers are able to work with what less detailed players post, and so that newer players can become better at it!  And remember, always have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: RP Systems   RP Systems EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 6:26 pm

Shadow Pokemon
Shadow Pokemon work much like Hapiness, however their "Love" or "Heart Guage" begins at 100, and must be lowered to 0, then  purified ether by using a Time Flute, being near Celebi, or using the Relic Forest.  A Pokemon's best move(in strength, weather moves take priority, STAB weather highest priority) will be replaced with Shadow Rush, or some will have various other Shadow Moves replacing their other good moves.  Each has their own advantages and drawbacks, so this is something to remember.
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RP Systems
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