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June 2019

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 Special Pokemon

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Rare Pokémon

There are a variety of rare Pokemon that can be found throughout the regions on Pokemon Trinity. They are all very rare. If you're lucky enough to encounter one, here's a basic synopsis of them:

Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon are just like their normal counterparts, just extremely rare and a different color! There is no difference in power, or anything else, they are mainly just a really cool bragging right.

Delta Species
Delta Species are also extremely rare, but don't differ in color. Instead, they differ in type. This means that you may catch, for the sake of an example, an Electric type Absol. This Absol would have the same moveset and learnset of a normal Absol, but would have different weaknesses, due to the changing in type. This would change the Absol to have a weakness to Ground attacks, but no longer a weakness to Fighting, and so forth. Delta Species are as rare, or even rarer, than Shinies.

Non-Rare Special Pokémon

Shadow Pokémon
Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon with a blackish-purple aura around them, and sometimes have a darker color to them.  Legendaries have their main color switch to the color of the aura.  Shadow Pokémon on this site also have certain variants, custom created by one of our staff.  See the RP Systems topic on how to purify a Shadow Pokémon.

Shadow Pokémon Variations

Omega Pokémon
Omega Pokémon are powered-up versions of Shadow Pokémon that can't be purified by standard means.  To purify one of these, one must encounter Celebi, reach the Orre region's Relic Forest, or use a rare Time Flute.  Along with this, their "Heart Guage" must be lowered from 300, and lowers at a 1/2 rate to the normal variations.  On top of this, all Omega Pokémon have a small boost to their general strength, speed, and intelligence, however they are much harder to keep under control.
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Special Pokemon
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