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March 2019

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 [System] Pokemon Contests

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PostSubject: [System] Pokemon Contests   Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:53 am

What are Contests?
Contests are competitions that exist in the Pokémon universe. These contests are typically competed in by professionals, and they require the usage of Pokémon moves to compete for high scores in different categories. This isn't to say that casual competitors take up the task of facing against others; anyone can win with a bit of training.

Contest Locations:
-- Verdanturf Town
-- Fallabor Town
-- Slateport City
-- Lilycove City

-- Jubilife Town
-- Floaroma Town
-- Solaceon Town
-- Celestic Town
-- Lake Valor (Special events only, Ex: Wallace Cup)
-- Hearthome City (Grand Festival)

-- Cerulean City
-- Celadon City
-- Saffron City
-- Fuschia City
-- Cinabar Island
-- Indigo Plateau (Grand Festival)

-- Cherrygrove City
-- Violet City
-- Goldenrod City
-- Olivine City
-- Cianwood City
-- Silver Town (Grand Festival)

-- Champion City (Triple Festival Contest)

Contest Stages:
Standard Appeal:

Battle Round:

Contest Routine:
All contests follow a similar routine. If there are manipulations made to the routine, it is likely due to some special event. The usual routine is to have a standard appeal and then a battle round.

Other Information:
1. Trainers are not charged for the purchase of seals
2. Pokémon contained in special balls may be taken into account
-- This is usually during the appeal stage
-- Does the pokeball add to the overall appeal?
3. Seals may also boost the overall appeal of a performance

Contests in Champion City
Contests in Champion City are only available to coordinators that have won a Grand Festival in 3 different regions, and have beaten the Phenac Colosseum challenge in the Orre region. This contest adds a third stage, where Pokémon are tasked with defeating a Pokémon they would be weaker against. In this contest, each stage is graded on a 1-50 point scale by each of 3 judges, played by 3 separate staff members. The coordinator with the most points wins the contest and gains the Ribbon of Perfection, symbolizing their place as one of history's greatest.

Trainers and other stuff goes here! But for now, just take some cute 'Vee pictures!

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[System] Pokemon Contests
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